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We know that not everyone can stay in one place at a time when they’re travelling and that actually the greatest adventures are sometimes when you experience a little bit of everything. That’s why we’ve created our fun bitesize workshops for adventurers looking for new insights and new culture – but maybe aren’t staying too long in one place! We love hosting our vibrant and comprehensive workshops to give you a unique opportunity to learn about our wonderful craftsmanship culture.


Enjoy a workshop with a top Italian artisan from 2-20 hours (tailored to your schedule).


  • Our experience schedule is something special! We deliver a great variety of unforgettable activities that can be tailored to your needs and schedule.
  • We strive to make sure you’re always satisfied. We offer premium and unique experiences that are both sustainable and bespoke to the individual or group.
  • Our main goal is to celebrate and share our culture with you and give you a taste of something new and inspiring – whilst supporting our local community.
  • The Creative Italy team is passionate about creating memorable experiences for our attendees. We love introducing you to ‘off the beaten track’ hidden gems.
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