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We offer the experience in a family workshop for the production and processing of silk, born to preserve and perpetuate what is the most ancient and fascinating female Sardinian art: weaving.

In the laboratory, the breeding of the silkworm breed “Orgosolo” is carried out, together with the processing and weaving of the silk necessary to make on “Lionzu,” the headgear of the traditional female costume of Orgosolo.

A short description of the experience :

  • Arrival and presentation
  • Silk: Film and explanation
  • Visit the Bugs, observe them, touch them and feed them
  • From the Cocoon to “Su lionzu” – hands-on!
  • The tools: the loom, the threads, the comb, the pikes, the swing boxes, the pedals, the spindles, the spinning wheel, the reel, the skeins, the balls, the shuttle, the weft.

The program can be personalized, depending on the level of knowledge of the participants.

  • Minimum 2 participants / Maximum 7 participants
  • Duration: from 1 to 8 hours
  • Where: Sardinia
  • When: all year round, but the best time is April and May when we are in full breeding.
  • On request: it is possible to organize itineraries to discover the handicraft in Barbagia, and combine the experience with Sardinian cooking lessons with the locals.
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