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By Creating, you learn

Children's workshop

By Creating you learn is dedicated to children, and teaches them the art of recycling. The Eco Labs revolve around crafts and nature, enabling the young participants to create art pieces with recycled materials using the imagination as a primary tool.

The artist who will run this workshop is Emanuela Ravida; know as RE in the artistic scene. RE is a multidisciplinary artist who graduated in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Reggio Calabria. For years her artistic research has focused on environmental sustainability through art.

The base for these activities is Feudo S.Pietro, a historic venue that is on course to become a “lung” for the local territory breathing knowledge, agriculture and heritage to the locality.

We envisage a future in which we refer to a “yesterday”, where too many children are locked in an unreal world of video games, and a “today” in which we see the creativity in children unlocked with the ability to use their hands and imagination. They have the right to be, live and feel their authenticity:

Children pay attention when their interest is stimulated and valued……….So let them be.

Children's workshops

Oh what a beautiful castle

In this workshop, you can make your kingdom, name it, and even invent a coat of arms using recycled materials. Bring small boxes you don’t use, even some cardboard, and lots of imagination!

Lets’ make up a fairy tale!

We will compose a small illustrated fairy tale together, and when you take it home, you can tell it to whomever you want.” Read More

The creation of the story is group work, which allows the participant to contribute together with others towards the creation of a collective idea.

Let’s print with styrofoam!

“How many things can be done with creativity! For example, a styrofoam tray can become a fantastic printing tool! You can print many different copies of your artwork. Bring some Styrofoam, and we’ll explain how it’s done!” Read More

This laboratory focuses on printing using waste material by converting it into a matrix for engraving.

The magic pop-up!

“There are unique books that come alive page after page. Images pop out, creating incredible atmospheres. Bring some of your favourite drawings and see, as if by magic, they come to life! ” Read More

The pop-up is a valuable tool for the participant to develop curiosity and interaction with the three-dimensional surface.

It can be combined with...

Retreat with Artisan in Milazzo

The children’s workshop can be combined with the Retreat with artisans in Milazzo.

An inspiring location...

The Location

The venue for this children’s workshop will be the historical Feudo St. Pietro in Milazzo Sicily .

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Here is what they say about our magical Eco Workshop!

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