Welcome to Creative Italy!

An innovative way to discover Italy through ancient crafts: meet local artisans and feel Italy in an authentic way.

Coming soon in  2018!

The idea behind Creative Italy

While strolling through Italy’s ancient city centers and exploring its rural areas, you can find tiny family-owned workshops (botteghe) where skilled artisans weave baskets, carve stones and wood, create handmade jewels and shoes.

Craftsmanship has always played an important role in Italy’s history, economy and social fabric, making it a rich Nation in terms of creativity, inspiration and high-level artistic skills. 

Every region has its own typical activities with century-old traditions, handed down from generation to generation. The variety of manual crafts is simply amazing, but often ignored and underestimated by many, who prefer to embrace consumerism. 

Artisans are the custodians of ancient traditions, values and professional techniques: it is important to protect and value their ancient arts.

Our society should not forget its origins, and by protecting our historic heritage it can become ever more creative, skillful and respectful of the environment and cultures.

Italian Special Occasions and Studiainitalia will be launching a brand new project dedicated to embracing ancient crafts, allowing travelers to interact with artisans, to put their creativity and skills to the test, and to experience authenticity in a whole new way. 

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