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What we do

Creative Italy brings the Italian Craftsmanship back to life. We are here to inspire you to enjoy a more sustainable and authentic way of travelling and discovering Italy.

We offer professional and bespoke experiences. 

Whether you’re planning to embark on a new learning adventure or to simply enrich your Italian travels – we have something to suit you.

  • Embrace the essence of the real Made In Italy. You will learn craftsmanship techniques to help preserve this wonderful tradition.
  • Uncover places ‘off the beaten track’ and embrace an authentic Italian experience.
  • Be inspired by a more sustainable way of travelling. Through this we are all protecting Italy’s historical heritage and natural landscapes.
  • Enjoy a unique experience and itineraries tailored to your desires and requirements.

A learning experience

Why choose us?

Creative Italy supports artisans in preserving the real Made in Italy. We empower and inspire you by teaching these beautiful and ancient techniques. Together we will pass them on to the next generations.

Treat yourself to a unique experience

  • We have superb knowledge and expertise in the market (including specialised local knowledge).
  • We boast a developed network and community of artisans in beautiful locations.
  • We deliver a great variety of unforgettable activities.
  • We pride ourselves in our attentive customer service (to create a memorable experience).
  • We offer premium and unique experiences that are tailored to the individual.

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