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Bringing Italian Excellence to the World

At Creative Italy, our mission has always been to celebrate and share the craftsmanship of Italy’s artisans with the world. Today, we are excited to introduce a groundbreaking initiative that elevates this mission to new heights: Italian Mastery Across the globe. This pioneering program brings the rich tradition of Italian mastery worldwide, offering customised workshops in leather craftsmanship, shoemaking, handbag design, art and more, right to your doorstep.

How It Works

We recognize the varied needs of artisans and businesses across the globe and are committed to providing tailor-made programs that cater to both individual craftsmen and larger artisan enterprises. Whether you are an individual artisan with a thirst for learning or a company aiming to enhance the skills of your team, our Global Artisan Workshops are meticulously designed to bridge the gap. By bringing our skilled artisans directly to you, we significantly reduce costs, simplify visa procedures, and guarantee a personalized and unparalleled learning experience.

Success stories around the world! 

Our commitment to bringing craftsmanship to the world has already led to notable successes.  Stefano’s initiative in Africa introduced the Italian art of leather crafting to eager students, igniting a spark of creativity and skill development within a new community.  The craftsman who makes his skills available with precious teachings is useful for highlighting manual skills and making them a profession.  The artist’s task, however, is to raise awareness among users of, above all, ethical aspects fundamental to human life.  Emanuela’s undertaking is to focus on the use of creativity as a useful tool for environmental awareness through the use of her ironed plastic technique.  In her recent experience in Taiwan she demonstrated the intricate beauty of creativity to an enthusiastic audience, fostering a meaningful exchange of knowledge and a shared passion for art and environmental stewardship.

These initiatives brilliantly showcase how skills can drive local development and enrich social and cultural life.

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