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For people who love art, we have created a unique experience that allows participants to learn the techniques of restoration. They can choose according to their preferences: Furniture Restoration, Painting Restoration. The participants will be real apprentices, flanked by a true craftsman, who will reveal the secrets of the trade. The workshops will be historical places, or shops.

To the playful and manual part, we have created an itinerary that sees the participants discover restored artistic works and with the help of a professor, or the artisan himself will be able to discover the techniques. In this way they will be able to discover the artist’s history, and the technique that has been applied by the craftsman himself or not, to recover the work of art.

Experience available for:

  • Paint restoration
  • Furniture Restoration

The program can be customized according to the knowledge and needs of the participants.

  • Minimum 2 pax
  • Duration: 4 hours or more
  • Costs from 150 €
  • Where: Tuscany, Sicily, Rome, Umbria
  • When: throughout the year
  • The restoration routes are customized according to the technique and the region you choose

For further info:

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