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Courses and experiences

We offer bespoke and cultural courses and experiences.

Choose from a range of tailored courses and experiences and embrace the wonderful Italian culture. You’ll work alongside local experts and artisans to enrich your learning experience and enhance your Italian journey.

We organize Courses and Experiences for individuals, families, groups and team buildings.


Our courses offer you a unique insight into Italian craftsmanship – hosted by local experts. Courses can range from a few weeks to a few months (and they are all certified). If you’re interested in learning a new profession in depth or you’re simply keen to develop an exciting new hobby then this is for you!


Our experiences are an alternative option for those seeking new adventures and new stories to tell. They are bite-size and offer a fun and quick alternative from the courses. Enjoy a carefully curated workshop for a few hours and become immersed in the beauty and culture of your chosen craftsmanship.

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