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Federica Baggiani

Founder of Studiainitalia

Born in Florence, I live in Madrid. I created Studiainitalia in 2005 with the idea of bringing Italian language and culture closer, in a creative, fun and stimulating way.

With Studiainitalia I was lucky enough to discover the value of Italian art and craftsmanship.

The most fascinating aspect of my work is to get to know the artisans and artists at work, to go to the shop, to hear them speak and to see them working with so much passion.

Taking part in a course or an experience in the shop fascinates me, perhaps because unfortunately, I do not have the gift of dexterity!

I am extremely proud that I have been able to ensure that these artistic and craft traditions have slowly been discovered among my clients all over the world.

The idea of Creative Italy was born a few years ago, and today I am committed to making sure the arts and crafts that created the world-renowned Made in Italy tag, do not disappear.

Italians have a saying: “Impara l’arte e mettila da parte” (Learn the art and put it aside). In other words, having mastered an art, you can then put it aside and allow your creative juices to flow freely. Today, this is my goal with Creative Italy.

creative italy

Laura Notarbartolo

Founder of Italian Special Occasions

Born in Rome to an English mother and a Sicilian father, there has always been a tendency in our family to travel and discover new cultures. From an early age I spoke both English and Italian and also listened to and picked up other languages. This led to living and studying abroad. Open to new experiences that allowed me to embrace the world, my own enriching journey has influenced my choice to create Italian Special Occasions, an Event company that organizes corporate and private events as well as unique experiences.

Italian Special Occasions was founded with a vision to transform the way people travel to and host events on the boot-shaped peninsula. Our focus has been to move away from the mainstream, and instead create an unforgettable authentic experience for our guests.

My goal is to reveal the Real Italia through the Creative Italy platform, offering experiences for adults and children as well as for companies interested in team building as an incentive or purely as an event enriching the skills of staff while enhancing the local territory.

Thanks to

creative italy

Georgina Hoby

Our logo needed to give a sense of the project, to express the possibility of learning a new job – a manual job – while traveling in Italy. We asked our favorite artist, Georgina Hoby Scutt from New Zealand, a lover of all things Italian, to create the logo of Creative Italy. Why? As an artist, Georgie works with any type of material – wood, fabric, or glass – and has incredible manuality and creativity.

A few days after we explained the project to Georgie, she managed to create a logo that represents the concept itself. Georgie is a great example of an individual, an artist, who has combined technology with manual artistry.

To find out more log on to:

A special mention goes to the late Rossella Bianchi who believed in the project from the very beginning. Today, she would have been pleased to see our vision realised

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