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The Creative Italy team are passionate about supporting the local artisan community and preserving the real Made in Italy. We love sharing our passion and empowering you by teaching these beautiful and ancient techniques.


We offer both professional and intensive artisan courses ranging from 40-200 hours. All courses are certified and can fit around your schedule.


  • Our knowledge and expertise is unrivalled and we love welcoming you to be part of our local craftsmanship community. We want to nurture and innovate this tradition together.
  • Our courses are developed alongside our network and community of artisans. We continuously improve and refresh our approach to ensure the best and most sustainable experience for you.
  • We deliver authentic culture in remarkable and carefully chosen locations. We love sharing our local hidden gems with you.
  • We are committed to an attentive and unique customer experience. We seek to always create a memorable experience for our customers.



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