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The professional inlay course takes place in an artisan workshop and is available to students of all levels, from beginner to advanced. The basic program includes:

Boring-counterboring inlay

The programme includes the creation of a floral pattern inlay, which involves: preparation of the design; assembly of wood; cutting with hacksaw; assembly and sandblasting; gluing; cleaning and grouting; and French polishing with swab.

Inlay with India ink

Inlay with a classical motive from the 1500s is made using two veneers and elaborated again with a fine brush and India ink during the polishing phase.

Geometric inlay

Creation of geometric composition with the use of various veneers.

Perspective inlay

Architectural design work with use of veneers.

Inlay classes can be customized according to the student’s knowledge and requests.

  • Class size: 1 student
  • Course length: 24, 72, 96 or more hours
  • When: All year except August
  • Where: Florence

For further info:

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