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Circular Knitting


Knitting is an ancient craft with a rich history dating back over a millennium, evidenced by findings like knitted socks in Egypt and iconic artworks. It peaked between the 16th and 18th centuries when knitting guilds were prominent.

However, the Industrial Revolution introduced knitting machines, shifting the practice from men to women, making it predominantly domestic and caregiving tasks. With the rise of ready-made fashion and women’s emancipation, knitting declined in popularity.

In recent years, knitting has made a powerful comeback as a modern hobby, reflecting changing societal dynamics and renewed interest in this timeless craft within men and women.

In recent years, knitting has experienced a resurgence, no longer driven by necessity but by the pleasure it brings. It’s become a relaxing, recreational, and social activity that allows an individual to create their unique style.  Crafting personalised garments according to their taste and needs, free from the constraints of fashion trends. Knitting offers greater control over the quality of clothing and supports sustainable practices like recycling.  Reuse and low-impact material choices.

Notable fashion designers and stylists are embracing handmade craftsmanship, incorporating entirely handcrafted pieces into their collections. Italian Entrepreneur and fashion designer Brunello Cucinelli is among those championing this movement.

In its modern context, knitting has evolved into a creative and mindful pursuit with the potential to contribute to a more sustainable and individualistic approach to fashion.

The program can be customised according to the knowledge and needs of the participants.

This course caters for a diverse audience, welcoming individuals aged 15 to 99, regardless of prior knitting experience. It’s designed for beginners starting from scratch and those with basic knitting skills seeking to refresh their knowledge or explore circular knitting techniques. Circular knitting offers the flexibility to create seamless garments, whether flat or round and reduces upper body tension.

The student will learn this technique by crafting various accessories and garments tailored to their skill level. Additionally, the instructor will provide helpful resources, such as handouts and instructional videos after each class, covering the topics discussed in the session.

  • Minimum 1 pax – maximum 6 pax
  • Course length: 10, 24, 48 72, 96 or more hours
  • When: All year except August
  • Where: Milazzo in the Feudo San Pietro
  • Costs: from 500 €
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