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Gilding In Florence

The Ancient Egyptians were one of the first to use gold leaf to decorate objects. They famously decorated the coffins of pharaohs with gold, and it is even possible to see depictions of these ancient craftsmen in tomb paintings where they are seen using tools to apply the gold leaf.

Basilica di San Marco Florence

Gilding is the art of applying a thin sheet of gold metal to a surface. It is thought that the art of gilding arrived in Italy via the Greeks who became master gilders in decorating their temples.

In Italy artisan gilders perfected their craft using gold leaf to adorn religious scriptures, objects and works of art.

Gilding became especially popular in the renaissance period and can be seen in numerous works of art and architecture. Today gold leaf is used in the decoration of furniture, paintings and other works of art.

Our retreat

Gold leaf adorned furniture
Gold leaf adorned furniture

Known for its iconic masterpieces and splendid architecture, Florence is one of the most visited cities in Italy. Most stay only a couple of days, but we think it is a must to stay longer and learn about the city’s ancient heritage and traditions.

During your gilding retreat, stay in one of our handpicked historic properties or an artist’s residence and participate in our retreat at a workshop in the heart of the city.

Let us share first-hand the skill and dexterity used by artisan gilders. Discover the techniques for applying gold leaf to different surfaces. Learn the difference between gouache and mission. Understand how rabbit skin and fish glues are used, how chiselling and engraving form an essential part of the process.


  • 5 day gilding workshop
  • 3 hours of activity in the morning
  • Includes 5 nights’ accommodation & breakfast

Our talented artisans will open the door to the world of gilding!

Artisan Florence

Gilding isn’t the only artisan craft Florence is known for. We have also found incredible artists who continue the creative tradition in various studios and workshops throughout the city. Perhaps you have always been drawn to the beauty of books. Why not give our bookbinding course a try? Let our artisan show you the techniques for making covers, discover the fabrics and leather used in the process.


Or maybe you have always wanted to make your own bespoke footwear? We can organise a shoemaking course in the heart of Florence led by master shoemaker Daniele Ortolani.

Mosaic making

We can organise mosaic courses which take place in artisan workshops, where you can learn about the tools, techniques, designs and stones used to create the famous Italian mosaics.

If you are keen to get out of the city, then the stunning Tuscan countryside is on your doorstep. With artisan winemakers who follow centuries old wine making techniques, there is plenty to satisfy the inquisitive wine buff. Go on…give one of our delicious wine retreats a try!

Contact Creative Italy today to book your Florentine creative adventure!

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