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professional millinery course

Crafting Elegance: Join Our Professional Millinery Course

The city of Florence is steeped in fashion. Top clothing designers, leatherworkers, shoemakers and milliners all hail from the Tuscan capital. With this in mind, the team at Creative Italy are delighted to present our new millinery course. Students will spend time at the side of expert artisan milliners, learn about the history of the trade and create your own bespoke collection.

Our course is accessible to all abilities, regardless of whether you have prior experience or not. Whatever your level, our small class sizes will mean that your tutor is attentive and can adapt to your own level of skill and experience.

Our tutors are from the renowned brand SUPERDUPER.  An award-winning brand which since 2011 has been pushing the boundaries of creativity, gaining international recognition. With a focus on sustainability and quality handmade products, you will have an authentic hands-on experience.

Students will learn how to make Western and Fedora hats using high quality materials and age-old artisan techniques. You will be actively involved in the creation of your own unique piece of millinery. Use specialised tools utilised by professionals in the trade. Learn to use hat blocks – essential when shaping the hat during the blocking process. Become familiar with a hat brim cutter, a chain sewing machine and learn to stitch by hand. Understand the fabrics and materials used and why. Connect with the craft, become inspired and get creative!

The course

Our millinery course will include the following:

– Blocked Hats: Making and Design
– Blocking Hats by hands and machine
– Hand stitching and use of plain sewing machine
– Use of: Hand and Machine brim cutter, Arm sewing machine, Chain sewing machine
– Design and Branding labs
– Final Project

The course consists of two modules, the first module featuring an intensive introduction to hat making, including design and branding. The second part of the program allows students choose from the following areas of focus:

– Design
– Branding
– Making

The Future

Our course will allow for the opportunity to connect with professionals and also fellow students alike. Being guided and learning from those who are passionate about their craft, is a unique experience. You will bond with your fellow apprentices, learning as part of a small group from a diverse range of backgrounds. Sharing creative ideas, concepts and design will build confidence and enjoyment in the process. Our millinery course will be a real creative cultural exchange.

The team at Creative Italy envisage a future in which fellow apprentices continue to connect and network – not just during the course, but afterwards. We hope to encourage long lasting connections, friendships and networks. A community of fellow creatives, in which you can share experiences and opportunities. The exchange of ideas and a means by which you can collaborate could be life changing. We are passionate about supporting artisan crafts and burgeoning creative careers.

5 Benefits of Learning to Make Your Own Accessories

1. Sustainability – You will be using techniques and processes which are less labour intensive, creating an individual piece or collection, with a smaller carbon footprint.
2. You are creating a bespoke item which you will undoubtedly keep for a long period of time – hopefully forever! Shop bought mass produced items are more likely to be thrown away, creating more waste and and negative impact on the environment
3. You are supporting artisans and their craft – participating in a community of creatives, you are learning and passing on vital skills and heritage which will benefit generations to come
4. Being creative is good for your mental and physical health – Countless studies have found that getting creative can be a great stress reliever, lowering blood pressure and aiding mental health
5. Enjoyment – crafting is fun! Making something of your very own, learning new skills or developing pre-existing skills is satisfying and immensely enjoyable. The sense of achievement in making something with your very own hands is an unbeatable feeling!


Course duration: 12 weeks
Dates: Course commences in April
Location: Florence

You may be a novice, at the beginning of your creative journey, taking your first steps into the world of a professional creative endeavour. Others may simply have a passion for hats, and want the chance to make a unique collection of your very own. The professionals amongst you may already have taken the plunge and would like to enrich pre-existing skills and diversify your skillset. This course can provide the bridge to carry you to the next stage in your creative career. Whatever your level or experience, we invite you to join our team of inspiring milliners and immerse yourself in the world of hat making.

Contact Creative Italy today and book your place!

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