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Sculpting Marble in Pietrasanta

Nestled between the Apuan Alps and the Tyrrhenian Sea, Pietrasanta’s stunning beauty provides a constant source of inspiration. The natural surroundings, combined with the town’s artistic atmosphere, create an ideal setting for aspiring and professional sculptors.

Pietrasanta has a long history with marble, dating back to the Roman era. The town’s connection to marble deepened during the Renaissance period, when famous sculptors like Michelangelo frequented the nearby quarries in Carrara, sourcing the highest quality marble for their masterpieces. Most recently, the renowned Colombian artist Fernando Botero was drawn to Pietrasanta and the rich heritage and traditions of local artists.

Carrara marble quarry
Carrara marble quarry

Located just a few miles from the famous Carrara marble quarries, Pietrasanta has direct access to some of the world’s finest marble. Skilled artisans and workshops specialising in marble sculpture remain in the town to this day. These workshops have been passed down through generations, preserving ancient techniques and traditions, while also incorporating modern methods. Visiting Pietrasanta you will see an abundance of galleries, workshops and art, a true feast for the eyes! A walk through the historic streets of Pietrasanta is like moving through a life-size art gallery.

Sculpting Marble

Working with marble encourages artists to explore their creativity, fostering artistic expression. Students learning to sculpt in Pietrasanta will learn about its rich history, from ancient civilizations to the Renaissance and beyond.

Connecting with the culture, traditions and history of Pietrasanta, is inspiring and provides a truly authentic artistic experience.
Working with such a prized quality material can be deeply satisfying. The physical act of sculpting marble engages multiple senses, offering a rich and immersive form of expression.
Creative Italy are passionate about the therapeutic benefits of getting creative. The stress relief and meditative nature of carving can be a form of mindfulness.

The Course

Guided by professional sculptors, you will be instructed in the following areas:

  • Marble selection
  • Tools required and the techniques for using and maintaining
  • Carving techniques
  • Creating your model to work from
  • Working from a model

Students will learn about traditional artisan techniques handed down over generations and how modern approaches are applied by today’s sculptors.

Our skilled professionals will allow you to tap into your own creativity, finding an approach which suits your skill level and artistry. Class sizes are small, you will be learning with a small group of students and have a personalised experience.

The patience, resilience and dedication that goes into the creative process are qualities which can be applied in all aspects of life. You will build on and develop skills which will enrich your learning experience. Enjoy bonding with your fellow students, alongside a group of like-minded individuals. This may lead to opportunities for collaboration, networking, and mutual support. Surrounding yourself with such a diverse artistic community is not only inspiring, but can also be socially beneficial, allowing you to really enjoy your time in Pietrasanta.

Hear from previous student Pauline who booked our sculpture experience:

‘I had a wonderful week with Veronica! I worked with my sculpture mostly all day with a nice siesta after lunch in the shade. Veronica helped me and gave me advice and said that I did good and understood the marble. She also helped me make a package and send my sculpture to Sweden so I didn’t have to carry it on the train home!’

Some of you will be looking to build and develop previously existing skills, others might be completely new to the art of marble sculpture. Whatever your background, level of experience or professionalism, contact Creative Italy today to book our sculpture experience!


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