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Tuscany and Sicily Wine Retreat

It’s that time of year when many of you will be enjoying a glass of your favourite tipple. At Creative Italy we wanted to share two areas which are producing fabulous wine whilst still applying ancient wine making methods to their craft.


Maremma, Tuscany

Long beaches, green hills, forests, thermal springs… Maremma in southern Tuscany has it all. Go ahead and take in the Renaissance architecture of Maremma’s capital Grosseto, relax in the hot springs of Saturnia, but we implore you not to miss out on the famous viticulture of the Maremma!


Blessed with a temperate climate and fertile soil, it was the Etruscans who first began winemaking in this part of Tuscany. Upon a visit to many of the cellars here you will discover that the human relationship with nature is still honoured. When considering the respect for the territory and traditions handed down over centuries, we suggest a visit to Amiata and Monte Cucco. Lovers of the great outdoors will no doubt be impressed by the beauty of the nature in Amiata. Try pairing this trip with a visit to Monte Cucco where the microclimate of these hillside areas have produced exceptional wine for hundreds of years. Creative Italy has the expert artisans on hand to show you a truly authentic approach to winemaking in this beautiful part of Tuscany.



Marsala in the westernmost corner of Sicily has an ancient history, and there are fascinating archaeological reminders of this history all over. As with the Maremma, you may find that Marsala is not the most visited or well known of places, but a visit to this corner of Sicily will not disappoint.

Named the European capital of wine in 2012, Marsala has a rich wine making tradition. Made with grapes indigenous to Sicily, the viticulture here is something unique to the area. It was the English trader John Woodhouse who drew international attention to the fortified Marsala wine of the region back in the 1700s. Production of the wine really prospered during this period, but it was the Phoenicians who first produced Marsala wine.

Creative Italy recommend a visit to Mozia, the picturesque island which was a former colony of the Phoenecians. Here you can visit fascinating archeological findings and discover the ancient history of this intriguing territory.

Two areas that still preserve natural wine making methods, respecting the territory and artisan winemakers. With Creative Italy we can take you on a wine making retreat in Tuscany or perhaps you’d prefer the Sicily – if you have time, both!

5 day wine tasting course (Tuscany or Sicily)
6 hours of activity each day will take place outdoors in beautiful wineries in Maremma Tuscany, or Marsala Sicily

Our talented wine expert will open the cellar door to this fascinating world of wine

The package includes:
5 nights’ accommodation
Breakfast and lunch
5 day wine tasting course with a certified wine expert
Minimum 8, maximum 16 people
5 day E-bike hire

Two different and unique journeys, within two different lands. Contact Creative Italy today to begin your winemaking adventure!

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