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Artisans Across the Globe

Creative Italy is delighted to share news of our latest program, Italian Mastery Across the Globe. The program enables us to introduce the beauty of Italian artisan crafts to the global creative community. Whether you are an established enterprise, looking to build on the skills of your existing workforce, or an individual with a long-held desire to learn an authentic Italian handicraft, Artisans Across the Globe will help you delve into the world of Italian mastery.

The team at Creative Italy is committed to establishing a global community of artisans, celebrating the global language of creativity. Readers of our blog will be aware that we are passionate about the benefits of sharing the heritage and knowledge of our world renowned Italian artisans. Our program will offer customised workshops in leather, shoemaking, handbag design and art.

By bringing our skilled artisans directly to you, we significantly reduce costs, simplify visa procedures, and guarantee a tailor-made learning experience.

Accra, Ghana

One of our recent clients was shoe factory in Accra, Ghana who wanted to arrange a leatherwork training for their employees. Along with our expert master of leather Stefano Parrini, we organised a bag making course for 15 employees.

Stefano has many years of experience working with leather, and in 2017 became Master Craftsman as recognised by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture & Crafts of Florence. Sharing his wealth of skills and expertise, Stefano guided the factory employees in the making of 5 types of leather bag.

Stefano Parrini with students

Stefano spent 3 weeks in Accra and the course was not only successful, but an immensely satisfying and enriching experience for Stefano and the students alike!

This incredible cultural exchange and collaboration is something we are excited to continue across the globe. The sharing of knowledge and skills can lead to innovation and the development of new techniques and designs. We are excited for what the future holds for our global community of creatives!

The Future

It is vital we support job creation and the economic development of artisan industries, not just in Italy but globally. Stefano’s recent experience in Ghana, tells us that training artisans can help to create employment opportunities in communities where artisanal skills are valued. This can stimulate economic growth and improve livelihoods, particularly in regions where traditional crafts are an important part of the local economy.

We want to promote and teach high quality craftsmanship. By teaching artisans these techniques we are helping to ensure that they learn from some of the best in the industry, leading to the production of high-quality goods that can compete in the global marketplace. To learn more about Artisans Across the Globe contact Creative Italy  today!

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