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The travel: Our wine retreats are located in two lesser know areas of Tuscany and Sicily. Why these two areas? In Maremma located in the south west of Tuscany, you will find cellars where the human relationship with nature is based on respect, as well as ancient traditions. In Marsala, a corner of Sicily between the scent of the sea and the nuances of the warm earth, you will discover an ancient Sicilian tradition. Two different and unique journeys, within two different lands. Two areas that still preserve natural wine making methods, respecting the territory and artisan winemakers.

The stay: In each location we have selected historic properties which are representative of the local history, tradition and culture.

The Learn: We believe in honouring the wisdom and knowledge of the wine making tradition. It is important to ensure we preserve the flavours and values of the territory. You will learn how to make the wine and care for the land during this process. Local traditions are important, and following and practising them is paramount to producing quality wine.

The retreat is led by our wine expert, who will guide you in understanding the art of winemaking and share important knowledge regarding how to preserve the territory. Each morning, our wine expert will take you to selected wineries, where you will discover the methods and traditions. Transportation will be via e-bike, to embrace the slow travel philosophy.

During the wine retreat in Maremma Tuscany, you will visit the area of Amiata and Monte Cucco. In Marsala Sicily, you will start with a visit to Mozia, an island conquered by Phoenicians, (it was the Phoenicians who first produced the Marsala wine!). You will be empowered by the knowledge of our wine expert, who will teach you how to taste the wine from the territory, understand where it is cultivated, and appreciate its flavours.

You can choose from the Marsala wine retreat or the Maremma wine retreat – or if you have time, both!


  • 5 day wine tasting course (Tuscany or Sicily)
  • 6 hours of activity each day will take place outdoors in beautiful wineries in Maremma, Tuscany, or Marsala, Sicily
  • Our talented wine expert will open the door to the fascinating world of wine

We can’t wait to meet you and to invite you into our world of creativity, flavours, and learning with our unique wine retreat !

The package includes:

  • 5 nights’ accommodation
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • 5 day wine tasting course with a certified wine expert
  • Minimum 8, maximum 16  people
  • 5 day E-bike hire


⮚ The course will be personalized upon the level of the participants

⮚ Transportation can be arranged if required

⮚Also available in other locations – please contact for more details

⮚Available all year round


Price: From Euro:  1230,00  per person

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