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Who Are The Artisans?

Who are the Artisans?

Most people assume that artisans are older people, but instead, Creative Italy has discovered many artisans that are young and full of energy! They decided to abandon their frenetic jobs in favor of something that they love doing, learning a new profession where they get to use their hands and brain.

And so they got to deal with raw materials, learning to work metals, ceramics, to discover fabrics, jewels, smells, flavors; to work early in the morning and late in the evening, every single day. They chose this kind of life because the brain is stimulated using one’s hands, and because at the end of the day they feel happy about having created something and not having spent the whole day in front of a computer. By creating objects from simple raw materials, these young people also get to understand the sense of time that is needed to give life to a quality product.

Creative Italy was launched 3 months ago, and we are absolutely amazed by the amount of requests that we have received from young people who want to learn the “made in Italy” in a more professional way – whether it is gilding, leatherwork, ceramics, or cooking.

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One other interesting and important factor is that artisans often do not live in big cities, but they have decided to go away from the hectic urban life, opting for a quieter place with a higher quality of life. They choose small borghi, or villages, where the human contact is still important, where people still say “buongiorno” or greet you whether they know you or not. This is also great for the small villages that were depopulating and where all workshops were closing.

The combination of being young with a natural propensity for digital technology and having an academic background and expertise helps these young artisans to promote themselves, to be easily reachable and to be the bearers of healthy values that we were in danger of losing.

This trend also favors a certain type of tourism that is spreading ever more. It consists of people who travel to live authentic journeys, even for one-day trips, to spend time with local people, to get their hands in the pasta dough, to learn something in a bottega (artisan workshop). And this is how villages are reborn and what is allowing the “Made in Italy” to pick up again.

Creative Italy is the platform that allows you to travel and learn by joining professional courses or doing simple experiences with your hands, to create a beautiful piece of art.

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