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Travel and Learn – The essence of Creative Italy

Creative Italy is a platform where people can sign up for craft courses or workshops in Italy. It does not provide a booking engine for immediate online availability and reservation, but rather it invites users to think about what they would like to do and understand the value of the activity.

It is surprising to see how many of our clients appreciate the human contact in a world where, with just one click, you can book anything and have everything right away.

But this is not the mission of Creative Italy. We wanted to unite technology and ancient traditions to create a more educated approach to experiential travel. Providing information to our clients is paramount: we often find clients who are confused or overwhelmed by the information that they find on the Internet, so we decided to make a difference by inviting them to take their time and write to us. We take time to reply and to give as much as useful and clear information is needed.

Therefore, the essence of our Motto “Travel and Learn” encloses three aspects…

First of all: Learn

When you decide to take a Gilding course, you learn the ancient technique, its history, how it is applied nowadays and what you can do with it once you return home.

If you decide to take an Embroidery course, you will also learn interesting things about its history, for example that it was needed to embellish and personalize clothing items worn by prominent political or religious figures, and that was introduced in Italy (precisely in Sicily) by the Saracens in the 10th Century.

But most of all, you will learn how to use your hands and appreciate the importance of dexterity and time. When you create an object from scratch – using raw materials and your hands and creativity – you understand that quality can only be obtained with time and attention to detail, and you will value objects based on their quality.


Second: Travel

All our courses and experiences are located near large cities, in smaller villages or in medieval hamlets, allowing you to travel around famous sites and hidden corners.

For example, in Sicily you can explore the amazing towns of Palermo, Milazzo and Caltagirone, where you can also find – respectively – our courses in Jewellery, Basket Weaving and Ceramics. When visiting Rome, you can also travel to the small village of Deruta for glass-making and pottery courses. In Florence, you can learn leatherworking and join our Artisan’s Tour off the beaten path, to discover the history and importance of the manual trade and its protagonists.

Up north, when around Milan, you can enjoy experiential travel by stopping in Franciacorta and joining a workshop like “The art to making the wine and grappa”. In and around Venice, you can sign up for a glass-blowing workshop or learn to make your own perfumes in a laboratory.

Among our experiences, you also have the possibility to visit and discover a medieval hamlet in Sicily called Borgo Pantano. Here you can attend different workshops while at the same time learning the history of the place.


Third: Sustainability

Traditional craft items are often excellent examples that show how products can be sustainably produced. In fact, they are often made with the primary resources of the local environment. In an era where we really must think about our dear Planet, this is our contribution to make people learn a way to be sustainable.



Experiential Travel in Italy

Would you like to discover the joys of experiential travel with Creative Italy? Browse through our experiences and courses, and for more information or any doubt please email or call us +39 3297692116 (experiences) or +39 3295616956 (courses).

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