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In November 2019, Creative Italy participated in the exclusive International Fair of Experiential tourism along with Borgo Pantano, called the BITESP (Borsa internazionale del turismo esperienziale).
Creative Italy and Borgo Pantano, together they offered the concept of the “ Travel, Learn and Stay” the true essence of Creative Italy.

It was the first time for our New Brand, “Creative Italy,” to present our new product to a selection of 100 international buyers specialized in Experiential tourism.


While presenting our new platform, the people were amazed about the innovation of it and that it was the first time for them to have something specific to a sector such as the Artisans handicrafts.
It is true; Creative Italy is not merely a platform of experience that you can buy from, does not provide a booking engine for immediate online availability and reservations, but rather it invites users to think about what they would like to do.
The team of creative will guide and advise travelers to choose the most appropriate handcraft activity matching its interest and the availability of the artisans.


In the world of the now, we decided that the most important thing is human contacts, and if you want to have an enriching experience, you have to understand what you are going to do. But most importantly, we give the possibility to learn and pass on the handcrafts traditions to the younger generations, we teach them that without traditions, without culture, the identity will disappear, and it cannot happen!
While talking to an Internationally travel agent, the joint discussion was that traveling is now changing, and people want something original.

I do not think that experience has to be original because each of the countries in the world is different and authentic. It is the travel industry that should be more interested in the culture and to the traditions of the destinations, respecting them and help them to preserve their authenticity without spoiling it and go beyond the usual suspects.


Creative Italy is a tool to understand the importance of respecting the territory as well as the artisan’s heritage of men and women that have worked their lands for generations.
Each Italian region is a unique treasure. And each area has its ancient handicrafts with age-old techniques and materials that differ vastly from one to another. Creative Italy has selected handicrafts workshops and courses in each Italian Region, where the participants have the opportunity to learn timeless artisan techniques and discover the local territory simultaneously.

We leave you to watch our beautiful video presented at the fair:

Creative Italy will launch in May, new courses and experiences for 2020, sign up to our newsletter to be updated :


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