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5 Reasons Why Discovering Italy Will Bring You The Calm You Need In 2021

It has been a remarkably tough year for everyone for many reasons and we know that there have been many different priorities for you all. Many of our friends, family and colleagues have regularly shared old memories and photos with us virtually in an attempt to relive all our favourite past adventures. 

As the world begins to heal and we slowly start to see some hope on the horizon, we are beginning to think about what this summer will look like for us and our customers. Of course, things won’t be back to ‘normal’ for a little while, but there will be a new version of adventure waiting for us. 

We can still daydream, we can still learn and most of all, we can still create! 

We understand that you may feel unsure about travel this year or your friends and family may have mixed emotions. We’re here to reassure you and support you with your adventures. We are waving the flag for calm in 2021. 

So, here we go….here are our 5 reasons why Italy will bring you the calm you need this year. 

1. The scenery will inspire you to daydream again

Venice San Marco

We know that since early 2020 you’ve had a lot of time to think. We spent many days with our cup of coffee staring at our screens and wondering how we could overcome the many Covid challenges. Sometimes we were thinking about 10 things at one time. However, the art of daydreaming is a true privilege. To gaze at a beautiful sunset, a beautiful green hillside or a beautiful glistening sea…this is what life’s all about. You might dream about a past memory that made you feel alive or a future story in your life that you hope to achieve or you simply might wonder who might live in that little house that you can see far away in the distance. Daydreaming is good for the soul and it is a perfect way to feel calm after all that we’ve been through. We would recommend Venice for perfect scenes for simply taking a moment to sit in silence and enjoy the gorgeous world that we live in. And, we believe Italy is the most gorgeous country of them all! 

2. The creativity of the new experiences will help you find yourself again

It has been a tough time for both extroverted and introverted individuals throughout the past year. As human beings, we live to be together. We live to express ourselves and to celebrate the glory of life. Life is all about listening to each other and enjoying new stories and sharing lessons learnt. Creative Italy is built around the delight of storytelling. Our Artisans want you to become immersed in their world and to learn and embrace the ‘Made in Italy’ way. Let us help you discover a new world off the beaten path and to be inspired by a new sustainable way of travelling. We know that many of our customers now want a more meaningful and authentic experience and we’re here to provide this for you in a way that suits you. Why not check out our Courses & Experiences page and find out more about our options? 

We just know that being surrounded by creativity and creating for yourself will bring a new sense of self to your life. Our customers are always left surprised by their own skills and challenged in a new way. We want to support you to enjoy new experiences again and discover the beautiful and colourful world as we once knew. 

3. You’ll enjoy simple delights to tease your senses (we recommend food and drink!)

Cooking class

We believe one of the best elements of travelling somewhere new is experiencing a new culture – and what better way to experience and embrace a new culture than through food and drink. Italy is renowned for its spectacular cuisine across the world and we are here to give you the finest and unique local recommendations. We want you to enjoy some time out from your busy itinerary and enjoy the simple things in life. That may be a fresh, crisp white wine (we’d recommend Cannonao and Vermentino wine from Sardinia) or a rich and creamy homemade pasta dish (we love pasta dishes from Palermo, Sicily and Puglia). We are sure that your DIY recipes have been wonderful so far – but, now is the time to be treated and to sit back and enjoy being waited upon. 

In Italy, we pride ourselves on the best restaurant experience and we choose only the best local restaurants and venues as part of your schedule. What better way to feel relaxed and calm than to enjoy new smells and tastes? Or…why not refine your own cooking skills? You can learn some traditional Italian recipes right from the chef’s kitchen with us

4. You’ll meet genuine and welcoming people

Cooking class

Laura, our Co-Founder says: “Italy is a place full of surprise and creative people. When you visit a place, people love to chat with you and tell their story and lives. But it is not only the fact that you talk with them – it is the way. It always happens at the table with food and wine. This is where the magic happens. You relax listening to old stories and taste food and wine that make you discover the customs and traditions of the place. It is here when the time stops, and you finally enjoy what travel gives you: Time to live and enrich yourself!”

Italian culture is all about being welcoming and sharing stories and wisdom. The best place to completely enjoy Italian culture and people is at the dinner table. It is in these moments that you truly begin to embrace the essence of travel and you truly start to learn more about life. We aim to bring you calm and a sense of clarity to your adventures by catapulting you to the heart of our amazing culture – full of warmth, joy and story-telling. And most importantly, full of calm!

5. You’ll feel safe and comfortable.

We understand that adventure is your priority, but our priority is your safety and comfort. Our experiences and itineraries have been built around ensuring you feel calm, safe and confident with your travels. We are committed to making sure you’re left feeling energised and relaxed and that can only happen if we go above and beyond with our efforts to ensure safety. Check out our Covid guidelines for more details and please do call us or send us an email if you have any specific concerns. 

2021 is going to be a very different year for travel, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still create unique and wonderful memories. We are committed to giving you an unforgettable experience and we’re here to take the hassle out of travelling in 2021. 

6. The learning experience 

The Creative Italy team is hugely passionate about travel and specifically the energy and inspiration you get from new and creative experiences. There is nothing quite like seeing a new scene before your eyes and taking a deep breath and having a quiet and reflective moment to yourself.

Craft activity

We can’t wait to meet you and to invite you into our world of creativity and learning. Our team supports Artisans in preserving the real Made in Italy. We empower and inspire you by teaching these beautiful and ancient techniques. Together we will pass them on to the next generations. 

To discover more about our experiences check out our Courses and Experiences page for full details. 

We are here to help you feel calm in 2021!

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