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Creative Italy’s 2023 Journey & Our Exciting Plans for 2024!

It’s at this time of the year we take stock and look back on our achievements, our goals for the future and what led us to where we now find ourselves. If we think back to the fundamentals of Creative Italy, it is our belief in the preservation of artisan skills. Because the belief we have in the value of handmade, artisan produce is central to what we do. We cherish the techniques and artistry handed down over generations. The sharing of these skills, along with the rich tapestry of history, traditions, and heritage, remains at the heart of our vision.

Creative Italy continue to offer exclusive, personalised courses and experiences led by our exceptionally skilled artisans. The team at Creative Italy remain dedicated to our mission of imparting craftsmanship as a viable profession, reshaping the perception of the artisan world.

This past year…

As the year comes to a close, it’s time to look back on Creative Italy’s journey so far. Let’s take a look at some of the achievements of 2023! We are always delighted to hear from those who have booked an experience or course with us. We wanted to share some of these experiences with you…

Charlotte who booked our shoemaking course in Florence says:

“I did a 72-hour leather shoe-making course over two weeks. It was such a blessing to learn this beautiful art form through a teacher who is passionate and well skilled. It made me understand the importance of personalized and specialized products, and the process of keeping these traditions alive in a consumerist world.

It showed me how producing less, but better quality, is much more sustainable… I had the pleasure of meeting my teacher’s maestro one day during my course. I realized how grateful I am that these traditional methods are being preserved through people who are concerned with less quantity and more quality…It is an experience that has changed my life that I will hold dear to me always.’’

Thom who booked our cooking experience in Sicily says:

“We had a wonderful cooking experience together with our three children. The place was amazing and the warmth and hospitality of the people is heart-warming.

We cooked traditional Sicilian food with products from the farm. The kids could help with everything. This resulted in a very nice meal in splendid company. One of the highlights of our stay in Sicily.’’

Deanne who booked our bookbinding workshop in Florence:

“Everything about the course was amazing. I learned about so much more than bookbinding… Simonetta is truly gifted and wise. She helped me appreciate the patience needed to create beautiful work. I made 3 books…doing things I never dreamed I could do…We had wonderful conversations about paper, art and life. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants an experience of a lifetime.

I also loved staying with Valentina…She has a wealth of knowledge on Florence, the Medicis and things like art and the environment which I am also interested in…. Thank you so much for everything. I cannot speak highly enough of the whole experience.’’

Coming in 2024…

We are excited to launch our new courses, experiences and retreats in 2024 . You will discover how taking on a creative endeavour can enrich and nourish the soul. In modern life, there is much that is easily within our reach. Have you noticed how blessed we are with an abundance of technological developments and information at our fingertips? But it is important to be reminded of the importance of real, authentic and tangible experiences. The feel of wet clay in your hands, the scent of herbs and aromatics handpicked in Sicily, the taste of wine from Tuscany cultivated using methods handed down by the Etruscans. Nothing can replicate the sound and sensation of the surrounding nature whilst painting outdoors. All of these acts which inspire the senses form part of an artistic endeavour.

Caitlin took part in our lampworking workshop in Murano earlier this year, and shared these thoughts with us…

“I was SO HAPPY with this experience…When people have asked me how I was able to connect with the teachers I tell them about your business, and everyone agrees it’s an amazing service that we wish existed all over the world…”

Caitlin’s idea of a world in which we are all able to connect with artisans, teachers and creatives was inspiring to us. A global approach to sharing skills, traditions and history are vital to the survival of so many ancient handicrafts. The fostering of a connection and synergy that can be formed when sharing a creative endeavour, are part of what makes us human – let’s celebrate that!

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