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Mastering the Art of Leather: Craft Your Own Leather Shoes & Bags

At Creative Italy, we value the importance of allowing students to have a hands-on, authentic creative experience. In learning or developing skills in artisan crafts, you are not only benefiting your own creative development, but you are also contributing to the continuation of centuries old traditions. We appreciate the enjoyment gained from expressing yourself artistically. There is real satisfaction to be gained in the sense of autonomy felt in crafting something with your own hands. We also place importance on how beneficial it is to learn, develop, and build on your knowledge in an area which may be new to you, or an area in which you already have a level of expertise. All of these factors combined can compliment your artistic and professional development. We want you to experience the joy that can be found in crafting your own leather shoes and bags in Florence. Immerse yourself in the world of artisan creativity and learn more about our courses.

Crafting Your Own Leather

We want you to gain as much practical experience as possible, and so while it is vital you learn about different types of leather or tanning processes, we also place emphasis on skills such as pattern making and cutting in addition to sewing and finishing.

You will use professional tools and equipment, in a working studio. Students on our bag making course will learn about inner pockets, the positioning of the leather and the lining required, as well as different finishes that can be applied. Students on our shoemaking course will learn about the anatomy of the foot and gain knowledge of the tools need, as well as developing skills in sewing, fitting and the finishing phases.

Bag making

We understand that as individuals we all have different strengths, interests and creative instincts. In order to ensure that you have the most rewarding and fulfilling experience, our courses are customised and personalised to meet your own needs.

If you are a novice, or a craft enthusiast who is looking for a new and engaging cultural experience, this is the course for you.

Our bag making experiences take place in Florence, a city which has a rich history of leather making. Students will benefit from being able to learn about authentic Italian techniques at the side of local Florentine artisanal bag makers.

Our specially selected artisan leather worker will introduce you to the materials and tools you will use. You will have the opportunity to select the leather that inspires you the most, and talk about blending both traditional and modern methods.

You will learn how to cut, sew, finish, and select metallic elements to create your own bespoke bag.

The programme is flexible and adapts to your knowledge and needs. This course can be a fantastic opportunity to work and connect with others as part of a group, or perhaps form part of a creative endeavour with your friends and family.

If you are looking for one-to-one tuition, perhaps to develop some professional skills in leatherworking, then you have the option to enrol as a beginner with our 10 week programme. If you are looking to build on some pre-existing knowledge, or diversify your skills, then our 20 week programme offers students the opportunity to not only develop practical skills, but also delve deeper into areas such as advanced design, branding and prototype marketing.

Whatever your level, our professional courses ensure that with expert guidance and knowledge, you will have the opportunity to really connect with your craft.


For those who are new to shoemaking we work with a wonderful studio in the heart of Florence. Students can craft their own unique pair of sandals. Utilising techniques handed down over generations, you will be guided by our expert artisan who has a wealth of experience and passion.

create sandals

If sneakers are your thing and you would like to learn how to mix tradition with contemporary design, we have the course for you. Imagine being able to make your own custom leather sneakers?

Whatever your preference, students will have the opportunity to learn about the history of leather footwear and its connection to the fashionable city of Florence.

If you are ready to take the leap and step into the world as a professional, or perhaps you already have some experience in shoemaking then you can enrol on our 10 week or 20 week programme.


You will learn about authentic Italian techniques and the tools and methods required to craft your own unique footwear.

Some of you may decide to book one of our courses in order to pursue an interest or, for pure pleasure of crafting something with your own hands. Others may be considering or already embarking on a professional endeavour in this field. Our students will be equipped with not only the creative guidance required, but also the professional knowledge to join our community of fellow creatives!

Embrace the spirit of Ferragamo and seize your moment. Remember, his journey began as a humble shoemaker, fuelled by immense passion and a visionary outlook. He transformed his craft into a legacy, becoming one of the world’s most renowned shoemakers. Now, it’s your turn. Unleash the potential within your hands and embark on a journey of creative discovery. Let’s begin this adventure together and explore the extraordinary capabilities of your own craftsmanship. Contact Creative Italy today!

Hear from MªJosefina & Charlotte who booked our shoemaking course last year…

MªJosefina writes:

“I loved this course. It is perfect for people who already know some footwear making and want to deepen the craft technique.
We made the models, mounted the sole and finished the shoe. I took the opportunity to buy some tools too.

I highly recommend this course!”

Charlotte writes:

“I did a 72-hour leather shoe-making course over two weeks. It was such a blessing to learn this beautiful art form through a teacher who is passionate and well skilled in it. It made me understand the importance of personalized and specialized products and the process of keeping these traditions alive in a consumerist world…
We all need to take care of our earth; bespoke, thoughtfully and ethically produced products are the way forward to preserving our world. I had the pleasure of meeting my teacher’s maestro one day during my course and I realized how grateful I am that these traditional methods are being preserved through people who are concerned with making less quantity and more quality. It would be a sad thing if we were to lose these arts…

It is an experience that has changed my life and that I will hold dear to me always. I have been blessed to have a master craftsman sharing their knowledge with me.’’

Join the movement and get in touch!

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