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Wine Experience In Tuscany: Interview With Winemakers In Maremma

Wine Experience in Tuscany: interview with winemakers in Maremma

The team at Creative Italy had the pleasure of interviewing Daniele and Andrea, respectively the representative and the oenologist at Val delle Rose Winery. This is one of the venues that we have carefully selected for their uniqueness and authenticity for the Art of Making Wine experience. Val delle Rose is located in Maremma, in Tuscany off the beaten path. Let’s find out why it is a special place for a winemaking experience in Italy.

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From left to right: Daniele (representative of Val delle Rose), Laura (Creative Italy), Andrea (oenologist)

Daniele, why are Maremma and Val delle Rose unique?

Daniele – Maremma is the southern area of Tuscany, near Rome, Siena and Florence. This destination has everything: nature, history, food, a beautiful countryside and a fantastic coast. Val delle Rose is one of the wineries selected by Creative Italy for incredible experiences with our wine makers. Let me introduce our oenologist Andrea, he will explain the art of making wine and what’s unique about it here.

Thank you Daniele. Andrea, this territory is unique, is it true that great wine is made in these vineyards?

Andrea – Sure, to make a great wine you need a unique terroir like Maremma. We have to start from the quality of the grape to produce good wine. It is also important to have all the instruments to work towards making quality wine.

Do you think that making wine is an art?

Andrea – We do believe it is. There are three different aspects of the wine making production: Innovation, Tradition and Knowledge. I think that this is well represented in our bottle label, where we have the goddess of hunting: she goes forward for innovation but also looks back for tradition. So, innovation and tradition go hand in hand in order to create top quality.

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And the wine in the end is the Art you produce. So, what will the guests coming to Val delle Rose see and learn?

Andrea – They will see this beautiful location and the amazing landscape that surrounds us. They can learn everything about wine making with our guided visit, and if they come during the harvest season, they can witness the collection of the grapes and see each step of the production from the very beginning.

What will they taste?

Andrea – They will taste all the flavours of the territory in our bottles. We are in the Morellino DOCG area, so we produce the Morellino di Scansano and our star varietal is Sangiovese. But we are also in the Maremma DOC area, and we produce the white Vermentino, a rosé and also grow some international varieties.

Fantastic, Thank you Andrea and Daniele!

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Winemaking Holidays in Italy

Would you like to travel and learn the art of wine making in Italy? We have selected wineries in different Italian regions, where you can join a wine expert and learn the local history, techniques and traditions handed down from generation to generation. All experiences by Creative Italy can be customized according to the knowledge and needs of the participants. For more information and to book the activity in advance, please email or visit The Art of Making Wine: Wine Making Activities in Italy.

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