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The Medieval village of Pantano, in Sicily, is located on a hill 220 meters above sea level, on a ridge overlooking green valleys in a large botanical garden, rich in Mediterranean scrub, secular olive trees, fragrant citrus fruits and medicinal herbs.

The village is 6 km from the Tyrrhenian Sea, half an hour from the city of Messina and along the highway that leads to Palermo, exiting at the Rometta junction.

Through an experiential journey at the village, guests are invited to appreciate the real perception of beauty, more than in other places. The idea is: “traveling to experience the places, artifacts and activities that authentically represent the stories and people of the past”. This includes, culture, history and natural resources in a context devoted to the principles of sustainable development.

Another cornerstone in the vision of the village is the management of natural resources, ecosystems and biodiversity. The precise re-development of the reconstruction respects the land and its history, the authentic experience of the past, its intrinsic social and identity values.

Its origins date back to around 1200 A.D. The original community was of the Jewish faith, whose inhabitants were practicing herbal medicine according to the principles of Spagiria and Kabala. Secluded and evocative, it maintains its simple and yet essential nature together with the ancient monasteries, where time seems to have stopped.

The unique location of Borgo Pantano, is a place for immersion and detachment from everyday life, offering direct contact with spaces of natural beauty and historical richness.

It offers a new concept of hospitality, to rediscover the roots that modernization has severed; a sober and coherent modus vivendi. A place that is in balance between man and nature; somewhere you can spend some relaxing and regenerative time.

A place that seems to come out of a fairy tale,that captivates the eyes and moves the heart.

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