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Conservative restoration is applied to pieces of historical and cultural value. The piece of furniture is kept closest to its current conditional state, that is, how it was delivered to us. The original patina is preserved, any missing items are integrated with patina wood, and the damaged parts of the furniture are not replaced but consolidated with synthetic resins or natural glues.

Antique restoration is applied to more recent pieces of furniture, which have to be restored to make them look as close as possible to the original. In fact, we aim at restoring their original use and functionality.

In the case of antiquarian restoration, some pieces of furniture are so well conserved, that they need nothing more than an adequate polishing, while others report signs of aging or fractures. These pieces of furniture are analyzed by an expert restorer, who is then able to recognize the characteristic elements of the period in which the piece of furniture dates back to (thanks to, for example, the use of a specific carpentry technique) and adapt them in the process of reconstruction, without using materials that did not exist when the piece of furniture in question was first created.

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