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I worked for more than 27 years as a journalist, until the newspaper crisis devastated the sector. So, I was forced to adapt, and looked for new ideas to put into action, which I really did not like very much.

I had always liked working with my hands; the concentration needed to use them properly, creatively; the result you get after long hours of hands-on manual work; it makes you smile and feel proud of what you do and what you can achieve.

I looked for courses to learn how to create a bag as craftsmen have always done. But in Spain there were few opportunities and places. Then I found Studiainitalia; I enrolled for three weeks in a course with a Florentine artisan and I packed my suitcases to travel to Italy.

It was a unique experience. It was intense and I took full advantage, learning a great deal of new knowledge – lessons and tricks that I brought back home with me, and, of course, in an idyllic and magical place like the city of Florence.

As soon as I landed in Spain, I made a list of things to do to be able to open my shop. The list was long: machinery, tools, materials, and work table … until finally, I managed to open my studio in the attic of my house. It is there that I design and create my pieces, which very soon, will be on sale on my website.

For me, this change of course was not just a new opportunity to re-introduce me to the world of work, but it also inspired me and gave me a new lease of life; an activity where I can apply my creativity as I want, with the great satisfaction of creating something with my own hands.

Ciao Florence!! I’ll be back!!

Attivita Artigianali
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