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I had been researching pottery courses for nearly a year before I came across Studiainitalia. Having a small child limited my free time and many of the courses that interested me conflicted with my schedule. Studiainitalia connected me with the atelier and organised a two week intensive wheel throwing course during my daughter’s school holiday. It was a great introduction to the craft of ceramics.

Learning from artisans with years of experience while living in Florence was an unforgettable experience and one that sparked my passion for ceramics. After returning home I continued to learn as much as I could and eventually opened LAM studio in Venice, where I currently live.In my studio I work mainly in stoneware. Most of my pieces are thrown on the wheel – a process that, once learned, is incredibly satisfying.

My forms are rather simple, but strong. I like finding balance in asymmetry and putting a subtle twist on a traditional shape. I mix my own colours and tend to use soft, matte tones that accentuate the form. All of my work is designed to be used: a carafe that fits nicely in the hand; a cup that can be held comfortably and lifted easily from a saucer; a plate that is a little different, but still stacks nicely in the cupboard. I try to make everyday items a pleasure to look at, to touch and to use.

Pottery takes time and has moments of disappointment and exhilaration, yet it is work that is immensely rewarding and one that I am grateful to have.

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