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I started learning jewellery making in 2013. Since then I have covered such techniques as jewellery making, wax modelling & enamelling with a great teacher and to be true, he was the one who helped me to develop the right attitude to the whole process of jewellery making and uncovered my passion for this job. Also I’ve learned stone setting and for me, these lessons were very useful as I am using a lot of gemstones when creating jewellery pieces.

Amazing teacher  Riccardo introduced me to engraving, although I am not engraving ‘Mona Lisa’ or ‘Ponte Vecchio’, but I do use a lot engraving tools when finishing jewellery pieces. Gianni taught me a lot of the ‘tips & tricks’ of jewellery making and introduced me to the beautiful art of fretwork, and I do use these skills on a daily basis. As to the designing of jewellery, the talented Enrico helped me to find my own way to transfer my ideas from my imagination to paper (and I was an absolute disaster in drawing), but thanks to his hard work and patience, my clients easily understand the sketches I make and get my ideas, and this is the start point of every piece I create.

I am a self-employed jewellery maker, based in Riga, Latvia. I established my own brand in 2015 (KRYN JEWELLERY).

I sell my pieces in galleries in Milan, London and Riga. Also I have a lot of commissioned work, including engagement rings and wedding bands.

The designs are totally inspired by unpredictable and flowing forms of nature with its ability to reflect and generate beauty and ugliness at the same time. The use of precious stones, organic shapes, rough cuts and finishes in designs help to emphasize the idea that imperfection is beautiful and that people, like nature, are often at their most beautiful in the rough. (temporarily under construction)

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Karina kocejeva

Jewellery in Italy
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