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What is it?

Creative Italy is a project born from the collaboration of Italian Special Occasions and StudiainItalia through a shared passion for highly coveted Made in Italy manufacturing.

Creative Italy is a platform designed for those who want to learn the ancient artistic and craft techniques that brought worldwide fame to the Made in Italy. The experiences and professional workshops of Creative Italy are aimed at those who would like to discover the essence of our craft history.

Why? We want to hand down Italian artisan know-how and techniques so these ancient trades can continue to be preserved.

We believe nothing can ever replace the craftsmanship, ingenuity and creativity of a talented artisan so we are transforming the travel experience in Italy by offering unique hands-on learning

A learning experience


In the shop you also discover the magical aspect of creating an object from nothing. That means not only the ability to use the hands, the tools and in mastering the techniques, but it means trying an experience that also contributes to the spiritual elevation of the human being.

Creative Italy aims to revolutionize the concept of “bottega rinascimentale” (the Renaissance workshop), a place of excellence for craft production. From the 16th century until the second half of the 1900s, learning a trade at the “bottega” was a very strong tradition in Italy. Young people went to the workshop to learn a trade.

Nowadays, going to the “bottega” has evolved from using hands and tools, and mastering techniques, into trying out an experience that also contributes to the spiritual elevation of the human being through the creation of an object. In this increasingly technological world, artisans must be able to pass on their knowledge to those who want to devote themselves to the creativity of a manual trade.

Creative Italy is a bridge between Italy’s top artisans and people with the passion to learn a trade along with the desire to spread their newfound skills and knowledge, so that these crafts are kept alive.

What do we offer

We offer professional courses and experiences. Our professional workshops, ranging from two to five days or more, give in-depth professional knowledge of a chosen activity, while a creative experience is a hands on opportunity to spend a few hours in a workshop under the wing of one of Italy’s top artisans, allowing your creative juices to flow while travelling. We connect craftsmen with those who wish to learn a real trade or those who simply desire a creative experience.

Our courses are suitable for adults and children alike and can be tailored to your needs. So what better way to bond than over a unique family activity holiday in Italy? An unforgettable travel and learn art holiday that contributes to the preservation of an important Italian tradition.

“Art and craftsmanship at your fingertips”

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