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The travel  According to an old legend, a fisherman betrothed to a young girl from the island of Burano, was tempted by the song of the sirens during an outing at sea. The Queen of the Sirens was fascinated by the fisherman’s ability to resist their charms. The Sea Queen decided to give him a gift: she struck the side of his boat with her tail and from the foam created by the movement of the water, a very elegant wedding veil took shape for the young bride. When the day of the wedding arrived, the young women of the island admired it so much they started a sort of competition. Using thinner and thinner needles and threads, each of them tried to imitate the lace of the veil, in the hope of creating even more beautiful embroidery for their own wedding dresses. The island of Burano – like the legend of lace to which its history is deeply linked – is an enchanting place. A timeless fishing village with small colourful houses, blessed with restaurants with the most incredible seafood, a fascinating history… and above all lace!

Our guide will take you on a discovery of the island and its most picturesque and lesser-known corners. Enjoy a unique and exciting experience, contact with the islands, their inhabitants and the lagoon. You will visit not only places but traditions, legends, secrets and curiosities. Our retreat will leave you feeling connected with the soul of Venice!

The stay Your stay will be in Burano, discovering and experiencing another unknown side of Venice. From here, you can easily access Murano and the other small islands surrounding Venice, such as San Francesco del Deserto and Torcello. Combined with the learning you will visit an ancient winery and discover its history.

The learn: You will learn how to use your hands and appreciate the importance of dexterity and time. When creating an object from scratch – using the raw materials, your own hands and creativity – you will understand that quality can only be obtained with time and attention to detail. Satisfaction will be gained in valuing the quality of the object produced.


  • 4 day lace workshop
  • 2 daily hours workshop – morning or afternoon, taking place in the artisan’s laboratory.
  • During the lace workshop you will learn a very ancient tradition known as Venetian needle lace. You will learn three important techniques: Venetian stitch lace, Burano stitch lace, finishing stitches such as embossing, before detaching the warp lace and completing the artistry.

We can’t wait to meet you and to invite you into our world of creativity and learning with our Retreat with Artisans in Veneto!

The package include:

  • 5 nights’ accommodation
  • 3 hour guided walking tour with our professional guide, discovering Venice from the artisan’s point of view.
  • 4 days lace workshop
  • Minimum 4, maximum 6 people
  • One winery visit, with wine tasting


⮚ Can include additional workshops if required, such as the lampworking workshop.

Price From Euro:  1100,00  per person

Starting dates:

  • 06th of June 2023
  • 04th  of July 2023:
  • 05th of September 2023
  • 03rd  of October 2023
  • 07th of November 2023
  • other possible dates on request
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