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The travel:  Discover Milazzo, a city with a rich historical heritage, founded by the Greeks in 716 B.C. Surrounded by natural beauty and receiving more sunlight than any other Italian city, Milazzo has been celebrated by Homer as the abode of the Sun God. Today, it continues to enchant with its breathtaking landscapes, historical memories, and an aura of myth and poetry.

The stay: Experience the magic of staying in charming historic houses, like Don Gaspano, a family jewel with blooming gardens and ancient olive groves. A unique experience that connects the past with modern comfort.

The Learn: Our course is a fascinating journey into the art of the 20th century, with a special focus on Sicilian artists who have made an indelible mark on the artistic scene. Through meetings that combine various artistic languages, you will discover the importance of art in daily life and learn to express your emotions uniquely through eco-art. By using recycled materials, this course not only fuels creativity but also promotes a commitment to sustainability.

The lessons will take place at Feudo San Pietro, an ancient residence from the 1400s that tells stories of a time when it was an autonomous state, with its own administration and even a church and cemetery. This historic place is still today preserved by the descendants of Prince Spadafora, who will warmly welcome the participants.

The Package Includes:

  • Accommodation for 5 nights
  • Daily breakfast
  • Five days of eco-art workshops in the afternoon or mornings  at Feudo San Pietro

Additional Workshop Options

  • Diverse Learning Experiences: On request, we offer additional workshops such as cooking lessons, basket weaving, bobbin lace, and painting courses.
  • Personalized Learning: The course is tailored to the skill levels of participants.
  • Adaptability for Children:can be adapted for children and can be combined withBy Learning, you create
  • Transportation can be arranged if needed
  • Year-Round Availability: The workshops are available throughout the year

Invest in Your Creativity

 Price: From €1880.00 per person. Customized quotes based on your needs and level

Dates on request 

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