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The travel: “​​Thou art indeed a world, oh Rome; and yet, were Love absent, / Then would the world be no world, then would e’en Rome be no Rome.” Goethe’s words describing the beauty of Rome. The eternal city has inspired many artists, through their poems, paintings and other mediums. Today Rome is still a font of inspiration for artists and travellers alike. With our Retreat with the Artisans, you will discover Rome through a modern lens. You too will be inspired by the breath-taking surroundings.

The stay: You will be staying in one of the most  Roman districts, Testaccio and Ostiense. Our handpicked accommodation recalls the modern art that colours the authentic Rome, the heart of Rome, where you can feel the turmoil and admire the latest trends.

The Learn: You will learn how to use your hands and appreciate the importance of dexterity and time. When creating something from scratch – using the raw materials, your own hands and creativity – you will understand that quality can only be obtained with time and attention to detail. Satisfaction will be gained in valuing the quality of the art produced.

The street art workshop will start with a guided walk through the Testaccio district, destination of many famous street artists. Our talented and professional street artist will unveil a secret Rome, and teach you the techniques.


  • 5 day street art workshop
  • 3 daily hours of activity will take place both outdoors and inside a laboratory
  • Our talented artisan will introduce you to the techniques of street artists and you will create your artwork under his guidance.

We can’t wait to invite you into our world of creativity and learning, with our Retreat with the Artisan in the Eternal City!

The package includes:

  • 5 nights’ accommodation
  • Breakfast
  • 5 day street art workshop – 3 daily hour workshop
  • 1 guided visit to the Testaccio district
  • Visit to the Museum of Maam – Museum of the Other and the Elsewhere. (The Maam, born on the ashes of the former Fiorucci salami factory, is the only inhabited museum in the world. The decadent and post-industrial location has attracted artists and creatives from all over the world. It currently houses more than 500 works inside).


  •  Additional workshops are available if requested e.g. mosaics, painting and cooking classes
  • The course will be personalized upon the level of the participants
  • Workshops can be adapted for children
  • Transportation can be arranged if required
  • Available all year round

Price From Euro: 1420,00 per person  – each quote will be personalized based on the needs and wishes of the partecipant. 

Starting dates on request

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