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Creative Retreat Cefalù


The Travel –  Discover the allure of Sicily with our exclusive Creative Retreat in Cefalù. This picturesque town, located along the northern coast of Sicily, is a haven for artists and travelers alike. Embrace the serene beauty of its beaches, the charm of its historic streets, and the rich cultural tapestry that makes Cefalù a perfect backdrop for artistic inspiration

The Stay – we have a selection of charming apartments,  strategically located in the centre of Cefalù.

The learn –  You will learn how to use your hands and appreciate the importance of dexterity and time. When you create an object from scratch – using raw materials and your hands and creativity – you understand that quality can only be obtained with time and attention to detail.

The Creative Retreat in Cefalù’s focus: 

Unleash your inner artist: Our diverse artistic workshops in Cefalù encourage you to explore new mediums and techniques. Under the guidance of expert instructors, you’ll refine your artistic voice and gain new perspectives. Between sessions, Cefalù’s scenic beauty offers endless inspiration for your creative journey

Live model drawing: Master the art of live model drawing, a crucial skill for artists at every level. This practice sharpens your observational skills, allowing you to capture the human form in its most authentic state. It’s an exercise in understanding light, posture, and the unique traits of each subject, enriching your artistic repertoire

Culinary and social Experience – Enhance your retreat with our delightful cooking classes, led by skilled chefs. Using fresh, local ingredients, you’ll create and enjoy exquisite Sicilian cuisine, accompanied by a fine selection of wines. These sessions aren’t just about food; they’re an opportunity to bond with fellow artists, sharing stories and experiences in a convivial atmosphere


  • Duration: 5 days, encompassing 5 unique workshops (Painting, Sketching & Watercolor, Photography, Live Model)
  • Minimum 2 pax, max 6 people 

The package includes:

  • Five nights in our handpicked Cefalù apartments
  • daily breakfast
  • 5 daily hours of immersive workshops
  • A special dinner or afternoon session post-cooking class
  • One guided tour to uncover the hidden gems of Cefalù
  • An unforgettable farewell dinner to celebrate your journey

Costs: from Euro: Euro: 3500,00 per person

Send a request for a personalized quote, to

The package includes:

  • five nights accommodations
  • daily breakfast
  • 5 daily hours workshops of Unleash your Inner Artist and Live model
  • 1 Dinner or afternoon ( after the cooking class)
  • One guided tour
  • An unexpected farewell dinner and

Costs: from Euro: Euro: 3000,00 per person

Send a request for a personalized quote, to

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