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Italian Insider features Creative Italy

We are happy to share that Italy’s first English language newspaper, Italian Insider, has dedicated an article to Creative Italy.

The article by Cesira Colleluori explains that there has been a drastic decrease in the number of artisan firms that operate in Italy, something that “equates to the loss of wealth, not only productive and therefore economic, but above all cultural, artistic, aesthetic, human and ethical,” according to Domenico Mamone, President of UNSIC (National Union of Trade Union Entrepreneurs and Farmers). The piece includes quotes and anecdotes from some of the expert artisans that work with Creative Italy, who share their passions and the challenges they face in today’s world.

“Breathing new life into Italy’s artisan sector” also interviews the founders of Creative Italy, Federica Baggiani and Laura Notarbartolo. Their mission is to help Italy’s craftsmen to pass the baton to a younger generation: they are committed to keeping Italian age-old arts alive by connecting travellers with artisans through craft courses and experiences both in famous and lesser-known areas of Italy.

Read the complete article here: Breathing new life into Italy’s artisan sector


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