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I think the misunderstanding was more my expectation of a throwing instruction week..working on the wheel and excercising. But as I said in the end I did quite a lot of exercising as Sebastiano kindly let me use his wheel as much as I wanted!  Anna and Sebastiano both lovely people.

It was wonderful and thank you again for taking care of many things for me!

Hi Laura

The artisans were both very talented and well prepared. Since the first moment we started to work and every day (only 3hours) were very productive. I was very impressed about the results in only a few days. At a personal level it was very enriching due to the hospitality and generosity of the sicilians. I very satisfied with the experience!


Thanks for all!!

Hi Laura-

I was SO HAPPY with this experience. I got along beautifully with both teachers, learned so much, loved the environment of learning, really learned so much. When people have asked me how I was able to connect with the teachers I tell them about your business and everyone agrees its an amazing service that we wish existed all over the world. Thank you for being so accommodating and patient with me as we worked out the details. I absolutely recommend working with you and with the teachers I had. Thank you!! Caitlin

glass working

Hello Laura,

I had a wonderful week with Veronica! It was perfect for me to stay with her and get breakfast and lunch. I worked with my sculptur mostly all day with a nice siesta after lunch in the shade. Veronica helped me and gave me advice and said that I did good and understood the marble. She also helped me make a package and send my sculptur to Sweden with TNT so I didn’t have to carry it on the trsin hone.

Dear Laura, I had such fun this week, Valeria and Emanuela were wonderful teachers, very knowledgeable artisans and fantastic hosts! I was seamlessly taken into their community and introduced to everyone they came across. I learned so much and can’t wait to use the knowledge in my own work. The hotel choice was really great, it’s is absolutely beautiful in Passetto, and the hotel is immaculate and staff very friendly. I will recommend this experience to anyone with an interest in textile art!

Thanks again for introducing me to these beautiful people and all your efforts to get me here.

Everything about the course was amazing.  I learned about so much more than bookbinding.  Simonetta’s restoration work is detailed and important.  Simonetta is truly gifted and wise.  She helped me appreciate the patience needed to create beautiful work.  I made 3 books, the main one had me doing things I never dreamed I could do.  I made 2 smaller books using simpler binding techniques. I now look at all books with a different eye. I took notes and videos and I am eager to practice at home,  though I may have to find someone who has a telaio I can use.  We had wonderful conversations about paper, art and life.  I would recommend this course to anyone who wants an experience of a lifetime.

I also loved staying with Valentina.  We got along well and I learned so much from her.  She is a wealth of knowledge on Florence, the Medicis and things like art and the environment which I am also interested in.  I know that my experience in Florence was greatly influenced by her.

I do hope to visit Florence again… next year. Thank you so much for everything

I cannot speak highly enough of the whole experienced.

I really enjoyed it. Thanks so much for facilitating it

glass working

The course was great and Annette incredibly helpful an accommodating to focus on the things that I was most interested in.

glass working

Thank you for suggesting the Mosaic course for the children, they were enthusiastic and want to enrol for another course.

Thank you so much Laura and Federica! It really was lovely to meet Rosangela, she is an excellent teacher and very talented! It is wonderful to travel  and meet new people and experience new cultures!

The course went very well, I am satisfied with the glass work I did with the artisan, she was kind and helpful in explaining working techniques, in giving me information on suppliers of materials and equipment in case I was interested in continuing my own, and, at the end of the course in wrapping up everything we did so that it wouldn’t break.

glass working

I enjoyed very much the course. It was perfect for me. Veronica is lovely and I learnt a lot with her, even in Italian since she doesn’t speak English too much. We spoke Italian and it was a good opportunity for me. Thank you very much

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