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Retreat With The Artisans

Let’s not pretend that for many of us much of the past few months haven’t been spent daydreaming about the prospect of being somewhere new, somewhere different, and somewhere outdoors!

If you are keen to turn that daydream into a reality, why not take a look at our package Retreat with the Artisans – which will allow you the opportunity embrace three key themes, which comprise of our motto: Travel , Stay and Learn.

At Creative Italy we believe it is key that you experience travel to new territories and locations in a different way. We believe it is vital fellow travellers respect the history and environment of your surroundings during your stay, all the while taking the time to learn first-hand our artisans’ heritage, craft and skills.

First to whet your appetite is Milazzo, Sicily…

Milazzo, Sicily – City of Light

Travel to Milazzo, the city with such ancient origins it seems to have been on the bucket lists of Norman, Arab, Spanish, and latterly Greek civilizations. Milazzo is believed to be the place Homer wrote of where Ulysses meets Polyphemus upon being shipwrecked. Reported to be the location which receives the most hours of sunshine in Italy, you will see why artisans and creators find inspiration in this city of light.

Learn the ancient craft of mosaic making. Slow down, appreciate the beauty in the raw materials and the skills and techniques passed down over centuries. For those keen to delve into the traditions and culture of a territory, there is no better way than to spend time learning first-hand the artistry and expertise of our artisans.

Gardens at Feudo Santo Pietro

We can offer a 5-day workshop, 3 hours of each day spent in the magnificent outdoor surroundings of Feudo San Pietro – most likely to be that place you saw in your daydreams over the previous few months.

Dating back to 1400, this historical residence is still owned by the descendants of Prince Spadafora, and the gardens alone are enough to inspire you on your retreat with the artisans.

We can offer a choice of stunning properties in the area during your stay including, properties with enchanting gardens, unique sea views or an agriturismo farming organic produce.

Outside of the box

Embroidery, ceramics, and basket weaving are also on offer – we want to ensure you have the opportunity to experience and learn different crafts, some dating back to prehistoric times. This is your chance to escape, think outside of the box and connect with the artisans, the territory and environment.


Perugia – The City of Chocolate

The sumptuous art and architecture on offer in Perugia might be more than enough to tempt you to travel to the capital of the Umbria region. Known as the Italian capital of chocolate (famous for the legendary Bacio chocolate), and the ‘green heart of Italy’ sandwiched between the Tuscany, Lazio and Le Marche regions, Perugia boasts a creative tradition second to none. Not only will you be spoiled for choice in terms of the surrounding countryside and breath-taking architecture, we can also share with you the art and history of this beautiful city.

Learn in the atmospheric atelier of a local artisan ceramicist, and step back in time to a period where being an artisan was a true way of life. We can offer you a 6-day workshop where you will hear first-hand from the artisan; the history, heritage and traditions of the craft. Whether you choose the art therapy courses on offer or prefer to experience working with clay – the skills, creativity and surroundings will deliver an unforgettable retreat with the artisans.

Stay in one of our handpicked authentic Umbrian properties, for the chance to experience a unique, enriching, and unforgettable escape.

Outside of the box

Why not combine your experience with the opportunity to partake in the ultimate local seasonal activity? From September onwards you can join the harvest – this applies to both Milazzo and Perugia packages.

The harvesting of grapes and olives is not just the activity of gathering produce, the festivities that accompany this annual activity are unforgettable. Allow us to introduce you to a century’s old tradition, connect with the landscape and territory, and sample the fruits of your labour – world class wine and oil!

Our artisans are at the ready, and our team at Creative Italy are on call to turn that daydream into a reality. Contact us to book your Retreat With The Artisans!

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