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By Creating, You Learn

By Creating, You Learn is a project that takes place in Feudo San Pietro and Borgo, a historical site and forgotten hamlet located in Milazzo, Sicily. Our initiative began with a focus on providing opportunities for children to express themselves through artistic activities, but we are now delighted to offer creative courses for adults as well. We have created a digital detox, a forum to rediscover the beauty of using our hands to make, boost creativity, and discover hidden gems.

On April 8th, we hosted an open day at the Feudo San Pietro in Milazzo, Sicily to present all of the courses that will take place in the spring and autumn of 2023. With a shared respect of the territory and a desire to protect and preserve the environment, the Feudo San Pietro provides the perfect base for both adults and children to develop their creativity. Our team has been inspired to create a school in which people from all over the world can stay and learn a variety of ancient handcrafts.

By Creating, You Learn is a movement that seeks to challenge traditional narratives and create a new vision of cultural tourism that prioritizes respect for local traditions and sustainable living. Our workshops promote social and cultural sharing while encouraging participants to connect with their environment and adopt more eco-friendly lifestyles. Through our initiative, we aim to create a new narrative that emphasizes the importance of cultural preservation, sustainable living, and community building, creating a better future for local communities and visitors alike.

The courses are divided into three categories: Manuality, Educational, and Wellness.

The Manuality category will have a Painting en Plein Air and Tombolo Embroidery course.

The Educational category offers Green Theatre  and Sustainability through Scenic Art, and an Eco Art Laboratory.

In the Wellness category, we offer Yoga and Finding Your Voice workshop.

Many young people have huge enthusiasm for the environment, with an impressive awareness of the natural world around us. With this in mind, we want to enable children to enjoy being creative and express themselves with freedom. Readers of our blog will know how passionate we are about the benefits of participating in artistic activities. We are equally passionate about the positive impact it can have on children. We want to encourage their artistic endeavours, ignite their creativity, and inspire them to learn more about the local traditions and cultures.

If you’re looking for a unique and enriching experience for yourself or your children, join us at Feudo San Pietro in Milazzo, choose from our diverse range of activities and discover the power of creativity through our By Creating, You Learn project. By participating in our workshops, you’ll not only learn new skills but also connect with the local community, rediscover the beauty of using your hands to create, and help preserve cultural heritage and the environment.

Write to us at to register for our upcoming courses and embark on a journey of creativity and self-discovery.

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