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A Handmade Christmas

We know the feeling, trying to think of that special something for your loved one, a memorable and unique gift for your best friend, or something fun and exciting for your family.

Year after year we are presented with the latest gadget, technological upgrade or must-have gift of the moment. I’m sure our loved ones are so grateful for the time and effort we put into the gifts we give, but I have a feeling that the most important aspect for those receiving gifts is the thought that goes into the gift giving. The latest tech, or the gadget of the moment may be exciting to receive, but what about receiving something unique, tailor-made and sustainable?

‘Wisdom is the daughter of experience’ Leonardo Da Vinci

Did you know that e-waste (electronic waste) is the fastest growing type of waste generated? Much of our e-waste, be it old smartphones, laptops, or wires end up being incinerated or in landfills. That’s without mentioning the environmental impact of the production process.

We truly believe that the experience of being in a creative environment, working alongside expert artisans can be life-changing. What if your loved one once had a passion for painting but gave it up many years ago? Or what if your best friend had always dreamed of learning about Italian cuisine in Tuscany? Learning or revisiting a skill can make a big impact on your health and wellbeing.

The team at Creative Italy are passionate about the health benefits of being creative, and in gifting an experience or course you are also supporting a sustainable approach to gift giving.

Taking it back to basics, revisiting age-old crafts and traditions not only enables you to utilise tools and techniques with low environmental impact, but oftentimes the materials are reused and recycled.


Top 5 Benefits of gifting a course or experience

1. These can be a personalised tailor-made experiences, suited to the individual needs of your loved ones
2. You are sharing a unique and memorable experience
3. There are many health benefits of crafting including stress-reduction and increased brain function
4. This is a sustainable way of travelling and studying, protecting local heritage and traditions
5. You are helping to support small independent creative businesses

At this time of the year it is easy to get swept away in the wave of consumerism. We want our fellow creatives to focus on the feeling we want to inspire in giving . What it feels like to really experience something new or revisit something you once had a passion for.

Join a community of people who share, learn and create – gift your loved one a Creative Italy course or experience for 2023!







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