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From the sixteenth century on, Italian goldsmiths, were inspired by the creation of jewels to antiquities.

The creation of jewels required that the goldsmiths knew painting and sculpture. Thanks to the close relationship that is created between art and jewelery, we have famous artists such as Verrocchio and Antonio del Pollaiolo who were also goldsmiths.

Among the most important goldsmiths in Italian history we mention Benvenuto Cellini, author of “Treatise on goldsmith”, a very important source of knowledge that explains all the techniques used then:

embedding, engraving, medals, gilding and various colorings.

Today’s Production:

Goldsmith craftsmanship is a very common profession in Italy with local roots and regional specializations.

In Italy we speak of goldsmith districts such as Valenza, Vicenza, Arezzo, Florence and Naples.

There are several trade fairs in the sector of global importance. Damiani and Pomellato are among some of the Italian jewelry brands.

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