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In this course, the classic elements of pottery craft encounter digital design.

Students will Learn how to model clay with hands and to use the wheel, discover and practice sculpting techniques on figurative and abstract forms, and enrich this with a deep understanding on 3D basic and advanced shapes.

This course consists of 2 modules.

In the 10-week basic module you will learn the fundamental pottery and glazing techniques while having an introduction to 3D Design (Rhinoceros suite).

By completing the 20-week programme, you will reach a professional level, acquiring advanced Ceramic and Design skills, as well as an essential managerial and entrepreneurial expertise.

The skills developed during the course provide students with an opportunity to start a professional career in the fields of Ceramic Crafts and Design.

  • Cost from : 5.200 or 9.500 Euro.
  • No previous experience is needed.
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