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Welcome to our Professional Floral Art Course, a unique experience that takes place in the enchanting historical garden of Feudo San Pietro, a residence rich in history located in Milazzo, Sicily. This program is much more than just a course; it is an educational journey that blends the pristine beauty of nature with the refinement of art.

Expert and Award-Winning Instructors

The course boasts a team of highly qualified instructors, experts in the field of floral design and winners of various international awards. With their expert guidance and award-winning experience, participants will have the opportunity to learn from the best minds in the industry, benefiting from cutting-edge techniques and an innovative artistic vision.

Historical and Artistic Background of the Course

Our course stands out for its historical setting and the suggestive atmosphere it offers. With intensive and comprehensive training, the program is designed to convey not only the theory but also the practice of floral art, celebrating its rich history and traditions. This course is perfect for those who want to refine their techniques as well as for those who are starting their journey in the world of floral art.

What You Will Learn

During the course, participants will explore a rich and varied curriculum, which includes:

  • Fundamentals of Color Theory: Understanding primary, secondary, and tertiary colors, and the application of color harmonies and contrasts.
  • Advanced Techniques in Floral Composition: From the use of tools to the preservation of flowers, up to the art of creating evocative bouquets.
  • In-Depth Study of Botanical Elements: A detailed understanding of the natural materials used in floral design.
  • Development of Advanced Composition Skills: To create arrangements both formal and free-style.
  • Practical Applications of Floral Design: Adaptability in various contexts, ranging from traditional to modern.

Course Details

  • Price from: Euro 7150.00
  • Duration of the courses. 5 full days
  • Customization of the Course: The start date of the course is flexible and customizable.
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