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Welcome to the World of Creando Si Impara: A Unique Intersection of Art, Craftsmanship, Education, Wellness, and Sustainability

Our courses take place against the enchanting backdrop of Feudo San Pietro in Milazzo, Sicily – an ancient hamlet nestled in nature, rich in history.

Our goal is to foster a meeting of culture and social sharing through a wide range of artistic, craft, educational, and wellness workshops, suitable for people of all ages, from children to adults.

Our sections: 

Manuality category  Our courses in painting, circular knitting, and the ancient art of bobbin lace offer a unique opportunity to blend traditional and modern techniques for an unparalleled creative experience.

The Educational category: Our interactive courses, such as “Green Theater,” “Scenic Art for Sustainability,” and our “Ecological Art Workshop,” are designed to promote environmental awareness through art. They are perfect for both children and adults.

Wellness category: Our yoga sessions, open to all, provide the perfect setting to find balance and peace in the beautiful Sicilian landscape. For women seeking an empowering experience, our “Free Voice” workshop is tailored to help explore and express the inner self.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, we have something for everyone to learn, have fun, and grow together in an environment that respects both nature and people.

Join Us on a Journey in Cultural and Sustainable Tourism

Be part of this extraordinary project that celebrates historic places, respecting their history, identity, and environment. Become part of the change and discover the world of Creando Si Impara.

Ready to embark on a unique journey of learning and creativity? Click on the images below to explore all the exciting courses available for 2024.

For more information, send an email to, or call us.

Click on the images below to explore all the available course at Feudo San Pietro. 

Click on the images to download the information about each course.

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